Panchakarma - The Detoxification Therapy in Ayurveda

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Based on ayurvedic texts the body of ours is crisscrossed by srotas or channels or tube like structures. This particular net work contains both macroscopic and microscopic channels. (Digestive system, central nervous system, circulatory system etc are few cases of these routes). Innumerable biological process like breathing, blood flow, fsecretions of enzymes, hormones etc, flow of signals, source of nutrients, best thc detox kit purification of toxins, excretion of misuse etc are aided by these tubular structures.
Diseases happen when toxins get accumulated in body and block these channels. Unhealthy diet, lifestyle, stress, changes in setting etc lead to accumulation of harmful toxins in body. These accumulated toxins must be expelled out in order to maintain our body healthy. Through panchakarma therapy these poisonous clogs are taken out to normalize the biological process. Thus panchakarma therapy is called as detoxification therapy. Panchakarma therapy could be administered to a regular individual to avoid diseases and keep his body in good shape. The perfect season to expel toxic compounds with this therapy, is rainy season.
Panchakarma therapy is also utilized as a purifactory therapy to cleanse the body before starting a treatment. A diseased body could be set alongside a soiled cloth which can't be colored as we wish. Hence to achieve the optimum benefits, the body has to be purified or perhaps cleaned before starting the treatment. The cleared stations assist medicines to penetrate the deeper tissues.

The detoxification process contains 3 steps
1. Purvakarma - Preparations which have to be accomplished prior to the detoxification
2. Pradhanakarma - The main detoxifying process
3. Pashchat karma - Rehabilitating the diet as well as lifestyle following the cleansing operation.
Purvakarma: These measures are adopted to soften the channels and toxins, so that the toxins can become detached and eliminated quite easily during major detoxifying procedure. The hard deadly clogs are made to get loosened by boosting body fire or even agni. Medicines are administered internally for this purpose. This particular process is referred to as as "deepana and pachana" in ayurveda. (the length of this process is 3-5 days based on the conditions and diseases)
Later whole body is oleated externally and internally with medicated oil or ghee. This process is called as "Snehana".
Internal oleation is accomplished by administering tiny quantities of medicated oil or perhaps ghee internally. The length of bodily oleation, quantity as well as style of medicated petroleum or perhaps ghee is driven by the physician after analyzing the body constitution of the patient. The individual has to eat liquid food or light food on the day just before internal oleation. After consuming the medicated oil or ghee the person is encouraged to sip water which is warm frequently. When medicated oil or even ghee is totally digested, the person is advised to drink light food.


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